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I had my rat on minocycline and baytril but I was improperly giving probiotics at the same time (I didn't realize my mistake until too late) so the antibiotics didn't work. I went back to the vet and got azithromyacin (I am now currently wondering if it would be more effective if combo'd with doxy or baytril?).

Her symptoms went from that of an upper respiratory to now currently pneumonia, or so I think.
She has no porphyrin discharge, she is still grooming herself, and her fur is only puffy 50% of the time.

For the first few days, I had her on azithromyacin and benadryl. But then, one of my rat forum site buddies told me to use ibuprofen instead. Lucky for me, my vet gave me the dosages for both so I went and purchased some childrens ibuprofen and I have been giving her that since this morning.

Janny will sometimes sporadically jump up and run and lay down somewhere else. She also props her head up. Also, I have been keeping her in my room with me rather than in her cage for a few days now, especially considering that if she has pneumonia i don't want it passed to my other 5 girls. She is much more comfortable in my room anyways, any time i put her back in the cage she begs me to take her back to my room. Anyways, she liked to lay in front of the floor fan in my room, I think the airflow helps. I think all of the described are signs of her being unable to breathe.

I do NOT want to take her to the vet because I think the stress of the trip can and will kill her. She will not do good at the vet. If i call, I bet i will be able to get ahold of some doxy to go along with the current meds (she even offered to compound a bottle when i was there picking up the medicine the other day)

I currently have a proair albuterol inhaler and a nebulizer. However, I can't use the nebulizer because i dont have a tube for it and you need a prescription to get one. I have been giving her a puff from the inhaler every time she jumps up and runs like she can't breathe. I think it is helping her. About 10 minutes ago, she was laying down and she jumped up and ran to me, jumped on to my shoulder, my head, then my pillow, then ran all the way down and jumped off of my bed (my bed is on the floor, so there was no fall). I gave her a puff from the inhaler and she finally stopped running, poor girl.

If anyone could help me figure out a few things I would be so happy:
Does a humidifier make things worse? And should I even try using one because I hear it helps URI's but worsens pneumonia?
Should I call my vet and ask for baytril or doxy to be added?
Advice for my nebulizer
How do I get her to sleep, eat, and drink? She will not do any of these things. I have not seen her sleep in days. She is nibbling foods and drinking water, but not enough.
Should I take the risk and make a vet appointment?
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