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One of my rats passed away three weeks ago due to vaginal bleeding and blood in the urine. After she passed I noticed one of my other rat does had blood in her urine. The first rat was taken to the vet's and it was assumed she had a UTI (even though she didn't have blood in her urine until a couple of days after the visit). The vet suggested Baytril but I choose a less expensive antibiotic Novo-Trimel.

My second rat has had blood in her urine for three weeks and was given amoxicillin which didn't resolve her problem then Baytril was added (which I ordered online). She got diarrhea from this combination of antibiotics so I stopped the amoxi and have continued with Baytril - with no results. She isn't urinating large volumes of bloody urine like my first rat did and is showing no signs of pain like my first rat, however, as we all know rats hide their pain.

Vet visits haven't helped two of my rats who died and this is due to not having a work up done which wasn't even suggested (urinalysis and x-ray). Currently there are no extra funds available because of my first rat's vet bill plus an additional vet bill for a stray cat I decided to keep and neuter. If the antibiotics haven't worked by now, could my rat have a different issue? Bladder worms are rare but I find it strange that two of my girls had blood in their urine at the same time even though they were not housed together but did spend time on me at separate times. More meds I have at home include clarithromycin (biaxin) and doxy which I doubt are helpful in this situation.

NOTE: I am well aware my rat needs a work up so would rather not hear that from members who are very quick to state the obvious. I am looking for replies from folks who have had the same experience or similar. I will do my best for my rat when I am able. Last November $320 was spent to save my previous heart rat's life whom died despite my efforts.
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