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Hello all! As a few of you know, I'm very, VERY interested in using whole foods and supplements to prevent cancer (or other disorders) in both rats and humans. I tried and failed to convince a family member to eat healthily while they were getting chemo...and they died. I can't help but think that a diet other than take out and fast food would have helped them fight the cancer. So to that end I'm testing recipes in small amount on my babies, both in the hopes that they like the taste AND that they get health benefits from them.

Recipe #1 : Homemade Yogurt Drops with "Super-foods"

I despise store bought treats. The first four or five ingredients in ANYTHING are what you're really getting from it, and most packaged 'yogurt treats' have sugar, whey protein, corn syrup, artificial flavors/dyes, and/or palm kernel oil as theirs. None of those are healthy or nutritious, and are a HUGE waste of calories. Fat rats are sick rats, so we want to make sure every calorie counts for tastiness AND nutritiousness.

Not everyone will have these ingredients sitting about. I luckily do, because I got them all on sale at a local discount grocery store. In a normal store, the Cacao Nibs are $10.99 a bag, the Chia Seeds are $7.99 a bag, and the yogurt is 0.59 cents a cup. If you can't afford/can't find the nibs or the seeds, ANYTHING with a high antioxidant count is good. Blueberries or any other berries dried on low in the oven and shredded up a bit, unsweetened cocoa powder (different from Caocao, but still very good for you!), dried bits of sweet potatoes or other colorful veggies... the list is endless! I offer my recipe here, along with some basic nutrition for it. But calories and nutrients in things are easy to remember, just keep your packaging! And remember, have fun and be positive. Animals are intuitive things, and we don't want our worry or negativity sticking to them.


2 tbsp Caocao Nibs
2 tbsp Black or White Chia Seeds
One container of live-culture yogurt, with NO artificial sweeteners

Food Superfood Cup

Take ingredients and mix in a bowl, then spread out on a cookie tray lined with wax paper/saran wrap. You can make them small for training, or large for treating. I made mine large, but it's all up to you!

Baking Sheet pan Cuisine Food Meringue

Put in freezer until hard the whole way through, usually at least 4 hours. The babies love the chilly treats on hot days, and they're wonderful for them!


Pop off tray, put in container with layers of wrap/paper inbetween to discourage sticking, and keep in freezer until use!

Reminder! Rats should have 50-80 calories a day, depending on their age and activity level. Unless they are breeding or feeding babies, more calories than that will result in a fat, fat rat!

Servings Made: About 38 drops

Calories per treat (by my recipe) ----- 6.89 calories per treat
Sugars per treat (by my recipe)----------------------------------------0.10 tsp per treat
Has high levels of magnesium, antioxidants, omega 3, and iron, but it works out to very small amounts on paper that mean little to the eye.

So there you have it! In the future, I'd like to use unsweetened yogurt and honey instead of premade yogurt with sugar and 'natural flavor' in, but these were the ingredients I had on hand to take pictures of. There you have it! Blessed be:)

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