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As many of you know, last year on Valentine's day, I had to euthanize my first rat, my heart rat, Gregor Samsa. :( It was quite sad, but for the best, in the end.

I'm thinking about Valentine's Day, and when I see the displays, all I can think of is that no one can love you like your rats (or other pets.) I wanted to write something in honor of our pets, who love us so much.

I thought I would share this with you here, and then, of course, add Gus' Valentine Painting.

Without further ado, here's the poem, and the painting:

My Loves, Be My Valentine

My loves, be my valentine
Today and every day.
Let us take joy in each other's company;
Let us treasure the quiet moments together.
We know that,
No matter what upheaval shakes the world,
Our love for each other
Is unshakable, unquestionable, and eternal.
Let me bring you joy, by providing you things you need.
Let me experience joy by sharing my life with you.
Know that our love cannot be broken.
Our lives may be no more than
Grains of sand upon the beach,
But let us take comfort and strength
From the knowledge that,
No matter how long or short life is,
We have come together,
And together we will eternally stay.
This is the power of our love.

Dedicated to:
Vela, Pee Wee, Devo, Darwin, Augustus and Buscemi.

In honor of:
Gregor Samsa, Lucky, Kidiot, and Rebel - RIP my loves


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The painting is so cute.... And the poem is lovely too! I CANNOT wait to get my rats... I just have to wait until they're 4.5 weeks old.
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