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Hey All!
As I've been browsing, I've noticed many of you have some really cool wood pieces added to the ratties homes. Some I've seen are really thick branches as well as people saying to soak wood chips in juice to be more appealing. My question is, where do you get the wood (I'm in the US and Petco doesn't have much stuff in stores) and if you soak the wood chips in juice, do you bake it afterward and if so, for how long and at what temperature?

My girls love to chew their beds (just bought them a hideaway hammock and they chewed the sides) so I'm trying to give them more choices to chew on. I think they just like fleece because I had fleece covering the ladder and they ate it but now I have a shirt on it and they haven't torn it up nearly as much. Same for the first hammock in there, it isn't fleece (has nylon underneath it) so I think they just like fleece. haha

Illustration Fictional character Art here is a photo I found which had some cool wood things in it. I believe the ladder on the left hand side I can get at Petco.
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