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Very Aggressive Rat

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I have a lot of experience with rats but I've never encountered a problem like this before. Here it is. I brought another rat home about 3 weeks ago. She is female and she's an adult. I knew when I got her that "she wasn't very nice" (that's what the girl helping me told me) and they were adamant that she be a "feeder". But having the big heart that I have I couldn't imagine the beauty being devoured and so...I brought her home. We've tried handling her but she is very aggressive. She lunges at your hand and bites very hard. She even jumps/lunges at the side of the cage when you walk by trying to get at you. I really don't know her past or if she's been previously mistreated. Like I said before, I've never seen a rat this aggressive so if anybody has any ideas as to how I can even attempt to handle her - or even touch her- I'm very open! Thanks!
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that's scary. :p rats like that may honestly never be really tamed again, especially if she's already an adult. see if you can drop nice yummy things into her cage and speak to her constantly in a low soft voice. throw towels or stuff in there that smell like you (sleep with it for a night, etc). i know that petting satanic cats with gloves can often aggravate them more and they can develop an irrational fear of the gloves themselves, which spurs them on to be even more aggresive, especially when you don THE GLOVES. not sure if this is true for rats, but i'm not sure why it couldn't be.

i dunno, ha, i'm not much help here. it might be that she's ridiculously territorial, and you might be better off trying to handle her somewhere far from her cage? i had a particularly devilish dwarf hamster that could be rather sweet out of his cage (of course by the time i figured that out i was terrified of the tiny little thing...) like that.
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