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We have an interesting opportunity given to us, and we're hoping folks might be willing to help us out.

The Travelin' Rat has been offered free 5'x10' booth space for any 2015 or 2016 Amazing Pets Expos! (We did already make announcements that 501(c)(3) rescues are able to get these themselves.) Unfortunately we don't have the money to drive to all 34 expos around the US, so we're hoping that local folks, especially any running non-501(c)(3) rescues, would like to help us!

Most of these shows are one day- Saturday- from 10am-6pm, but a few also include Sundays, 11am-4pm. If one or preferably 2 people would want to sit at a table at any of these shows for us, handing out literature about who we are and what we do, that would be fantastic! Taking pictures would be a bonus for us. Volunteers get free admission and parking (only the NY show charges admission and we'd work something out.) And they get to hang out with animals all day and maybe collect some samples to bring home. :)

We are limited by how we can help rescues that do not have 501(c)(3) approval, but this is one of the ways we can do it. The table would have to be listed under The Travelin' Rat and would have our information, but non-501(c)(3) rescues are welcome to sit at our table with adoptable rats (or a binder of pictures of the rats or similar if you don't feel comfortable bringing them), adoption contracts, rescue info, etc. So, unfortunately, we can't help the non-501(c)(3) rescues by donating money to them BUT we can help with PR and possibly adoptions! The show contact was VERY excited about getting rat rescues onboard AND the show producers want to see more animals adopted. :)

If you're interested in sitting at a booth at one of these shows, representing The Travelin' Rat, please email [email protected]. I have included a link to Amazing Pet Expos' list of shows, and listed them out by state here.

The Amazing Pet Expos are in the following cities:

AZ- Phoenix
CA-Pomona (SoCal Pet Spectacular AND Holiday Pet Expo)
CA-San Diego
CA-San Jose (Bay Area Pet Expo)
FL-Miami- Ft. Lauderdale
FL-Tampa Bay
FL-West Palm Beach (South Florida Pet Expo)
IL-Chicago (Windy City Pet Expo)
MD- Upper Marlboro (Capitol Pet Expo)
MA-Wilmington (New England Pet Expo)
MN- Minneapolis
MO-St. Louis
NV-Las Vegas
NY-Nassau, LI (Greater NY Pet Expo)
OK-Oklahoma City
PA-Pittsburgh (Steel City Pet Expo)
TX- Houston
VA-Virginia Beach
WA- Seattle
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