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There are lots of ways that you can help The Travelin' Rat! Like any public charity, donations are very appreciated- but so is sharing the info we pass around on social media or forums, etc. The two main ways we help rescues are by donating money to them and sharing info when rescues need help, have an event or fundraiser, etc. You never know when someone may see your post- and you saved a life!

Besides donating directly to us and sharing our information, you can also help us by participating in, and sharing the information about, our many ongoing fundraisers. Some of these fundraisers are for items you buy normally (uh, chocolate, anyone?!), or do not cost you any extra!

If you are buying or selling a house or know someone who is who you can pass this info on to, Agent Match Me has agreements with top realtors who will donate to our cause. *No additional cost to you!* Please check them out here:

Need hammocks for your rats? Alma Rodentia will donate 10% of hammock sales with code "HELPTTR" to us!

Vegan, vegetarian, and organic food bought through VegeCyber with code "TTR2012" nets us 5% of the sale price:

If you replace your usual search engine with Goodsearch, you can help us with each search! 1c will be donated to a charity per search *No additional cost to you!*:

Need a gift? Or something for "me time"? What about something to help with holiday entertaining? JJ Renli will donate part of her commission to The Travelin' Rat when you specify that this is to help us! Beer bread, cake in a mug.... mmmmm....

On eBay? Favorite us, and you can help by buying or selling there to benefit us!

Thrilled that there is a rat actor on Broadway? Want to support Toby from The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time? Toby Ts benefit The Travelin' Rat!

Pet Portraits by Kori will generously donate 15% of profits if you specify The Travelin' Rat as your charity of choice!

Rescue Chocolate sells yummy, vegan, cruelty-free chocolates- and you can help The Travelin' Rat by putting code "Travelin' Rat" in the notes section at checkout!

iGive donates a percentage of your online shopping to the charity of your choice. You can either go through the iGive site to find your store or download the iGive button to make sure your sales count for donations! *No additional cost to you!*

Amazon Smile donates a percentage of your purchase to your charity of choice! *No additional cost to you!*

A number of the rescues we help are also signed up for some of these fundraisers. We're not insulted in the least if you help one of the other charities instead of us- but please help a charity if you are able to!

We LOVE doing what we do, but helping rescues like we do is ONLY made possible by our amazing fans and supporters. Thank you!

For a look at how we've been helping rescues with donations, check out our Rescues We Have Helped Page (and ask your favorite rescue to register with us if they have not already done so!):

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Please don't forget that there are many ways to help The Travelin' Rat help rescues- some at no additional cost to you!

Thank you to all who help by participating in and/or sharing the info. It ALL adds up! Because of YOU, we've been able to give money to rescues not only through our Rescue of the Month program this year, but also through the Emergency Rescue Fund and Hoarding Help, plus for several of the animal holidays throughout the year. You can see what we've been able to do because of our amazing supporters, and we're certainly hoping to be able to do more before the year ends!
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