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we meet at last...

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so i got my ratties to play together a couple days ago! little at a time on neutral territory, they really didn't seem to care one way or another about eachother. they kind of ignore each other, although picasso more than mozart. mozart crawls around and under picasso while she's trying to walk, but picasso kind of ignores her, lol. seems like it's going well! stuck them in a cleaned out mozart quarantine tank for a little bit but it made mozart agitated and she would pounce on picasso's head. i kinda just wanted to know if mozart could stand up for herself, lol. mozart is like 3/4 the size of picasso. gave them stuff to nibble on and mozart seems to annoy picasso cuz she tries to eat whatever is in picasso's mouth. we'll see how this goes, joann's fabric sale on fleece! new cage bedding! hooray!
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I wouldn't worry about it, Ono. Rats just dook it out a bit at first. But I guess better safe than sorry.
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