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One my girls, Sansa, passed away three days ago. She lived with four other female rats, one of which was her sister who she had the closest bond with (the other three all came together and are about a year younger). After losing Sansa, Khalee didn't seem too bad but today i've noticed she's too thin. She has been taking food from her bowl and from my hands and stores food in her cage when she's out free ranging but i can't say for sure if she's eating it.

I'm going to start hand feeding her at least once a day so i can make sure she's getting enough nutrients but i just wondered if anyone else has experienced this or if it could actually be due to illness and not mourning her sister?

PS. I have also noticed her sleeping separately from the younger girls whereas, when sansa was alive, all five would squish into one house together. Could this be a sign of mourning or illness?

Thanks in advance guys!
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