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Weird waddle when walking

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Lately I've noticed that Buddy is walking a bit funny. He has a sorta waddle, like he's always straddling something when he's walking. I've felt him for lumps and I couldn't find any. I've read about hind leg degeneration, but that seems to be something that occurs in older ratties. Buddy is only a year old. He also seems to be able to jump up on the couch ok and get up/down the ramps in the DCN, so I don't think he's losing power. It just seems to effect the way he walks/runs. Is there anything else that could cause this? Is there anything I can give him to help? He seems a little less active then usual lately too so it's possible whatever this is is causing him some pain. Is there a pain reliever I could give him safely and see if it helps?
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Have you felt his bones and his hips? DJ had a bone tumor I didn't catch, it was all along his hip, his spine, and one back leg. I just put it down to hind leg degeneration (2 1/2 years), but I feel guilty every day thinking about how I missed it.
I have felt around, but don't feel any obvious lumps. With no frame of refference I'm not sure what I'm feeling for though.
Does the waddling sort of seem like a loss of coordination? Have you noticed anything else off like decreasing appetite? It may be a pituitary tumor, 2 of my rats had it and the first thing I noticed was that they were walking funny. You should look up the symptoms of pituitary tumors in rats and check if any of the symptoms apply to your rat.
He's always been uncoordinated and clumbsy, he doesn't seem any more so now. Although he did randomly jump/fall off the top of the cage a couple weeks ago. I'm not sure what happened, I just heard the clunk and looked over and he was on the floor. I checked him out and he seemed OK, but I guess it possible that's when the waddle started. Maybe he damaged something in his leg/back in the fall? But I only noticed the change in his walk in the last few days.

I don't think he's lost his appetite. He grabs food and eats it on the couch next to me every morning when I let them out. And I haven't noticed any obvious signs of eyesight loss or a head tilt.

If it was such a tumor what's the prognosis?
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