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So really I am an every other day maybe even 3 days on taking bathes-and to really go against the norm, I usually only wash my hair with soap once a week.

But since my boys have been separated from their sisters and Mum (I got paranoid with them being half wildies and removed them at 4 weeks), every time I go by they run and hang off the door making me feel bad. So I open the door, I end up with most running up my arms and to my shoulders and we go hang out on my bed.

The boys then must all pee up and down my arms and legs. If I have my hand palm up they like to run over and sit there and pee fully. (they used to fit in my closed hand, I think they are miffed they no longer fit, they also try to pull my fingers around them and seem baffled this doesn't work out) Some of them like to run up into my hair and make a little rats nest out of my already natural rats nest, and that needs to be marked too. I am going through a lot of tissues as well, to wipe up the messes as they happen-which the boys then want to fight me for-cause tissues are cool. Though if they get them, they just drop em-little devils.

I have a ton of little scratches-that can't be sanitary to be peed on. Between wanting to get into my shirt and then wrestle with their brothers, my littlest boy Zumbug with a perfect little triangle on his chest, has been climbing up a shelf I have on the dresser to jump me-which usually means sliding down some bare part of my body.

Me and my daughter are now constantly fighting over that shower-since now we are needing multiples a day, my hair is dry cause I'm washing it all the time. My washer is always on with sheets going. Love my bubs-but such groddy little dudes.

The girls have learned from their Mom and Aunts to use the litter box on the dresser-yeah!
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