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what are you supposed to use as bedding???

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what are you supposed to use as bedding, how do u get your water bottle to stay on the cage and how do you clean the cages????
wut a mouthfull!!!!!!!!
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ratwings, can u elaborate on the vinger/lemon juice/water ratios pls....im feeling a little dim today lol and cant figure out how much of what I need lol :)
You can use newspaper if you're 100% sure the ink is vegetable based ink....still not ideal as the ink rubs off onto the fur, but its ok otherwise :)
hjkaga, although Pine and Cedar phenols wont "up and kill" your rat, most people wont bother to change, if they can get away with just using pine/cedar shavings. A lot of people also dont consider taking their rat(s) to a vet (I always get the comment from people "you take your rat to the vet??!" and I answer, "well, yes, wouldnt you take your dog to the vet if it were sick?"). Its better, in my opinion(!), to just tell people that its highly toxic to rats, which almost forces the rat owner to look for an alternate bedding source from the beginning.

Respiritory infections can be painful to your rat too.
1 - 4 of 20 Posts
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