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What are your rats favorite foods?

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Mine are peas, Sugar Snap Peas, and lettuce!
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I can't tell. Everything just gets snatched up in whatever order seems appealing. I fed them carrots for about a month straight and now they hate carrots! Peas are always a hit though.
Well other than their yogurt cheese drops id say carrots... but not raw and easy for mom. COOKED . they may nibble at a raw but i guess my rats like mushy carrots just like me , haha. i just cut them up and pop them in a microwave with water.
watermelon, sunflower seads any fruit really and of corse anything sweet!

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Potatoes! Cooked obviously. My Sake loves potatoes so much she tries to jump on plates if you are eating them.
Apart from that, she loves apples and is very fond of cooked carrots, rice and lentils.
She is not very interested in vegetables, unless they are cooked. Fresh she will only have a tiny piece. I'm glad they don't need to eat too much veggies.
Today she stole me a piece of orange and she munched it way too fast. I know oranges are supposed to be dangerous for males only but I really don't intend on giving her oranges in purpose. Better safe than sorry.
My rats will eat anything, but their favorite is popcorn. They'll dive into and dump your popcorn bowl before promptly eating it all if they see. You eating any.
My rats love yogurt-covered raisins! (in moderation, of course.) One of my rats, Muenster loves cherry tomatoes, but my other one won't touch them. XD
This is a very helpful thread. I was (still am) leery about buying pet-store processed snacks... but want to be able to offer her a variety of healthy options.
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