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What do you think....Pip still sneezy

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my new baby is still sneezy....I'm worried

Here is a timeline since he came home. I brought him home on June 16 and I let him adjst to his new home for a day. Then the next day I started picking him and he was very sneezy....even one time i saw a little of the red stuff come out(starts with a P....forgot what it is called) Then within the next few days the sneezing got better and no more red stuff. Now he is a little sneezy but it is hard to tell if he is active because he is still very active. When he is in his cage he won't run around a lot or climb up the levels. He will hop around a little bit and go in his hideout but sometimes he just sits in a corner when he is not eating. he is now eating his blocks and drinking well and when I take him out he runs around so he appears so be okay. I can't hear wheezing but I do hear sneezing often.

I think he is okay but I am not sure if he doesn't run around a lot in his cage I think it is because he is VERY timid and still frightened of me. I hold him as much as possible offer him food from my hand and let him lick soy yogurt off my finger.

I am just wondering if he should still be sneezing after about 9 days? Is their anything I should be giving him besides extra protein(like in eggs) , some baby foods, etc.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

P.S. I am very excited to be able to introduce Raz a friend anywhere from 4 more days to another 11 days but I want to make sure both are in good health before they are introduced. By the way....I think my other rat had buckgrease and I gave him a bath using directions from the dapper rat site. Most of the orangish stuff came off and only a little bit is left now....not to mention Raz smells GOOD
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He has a hideout-several and I have recently moved him into my larger cage. He seems more content now and runs around more. He is still eating and drinking good and has started coming to me in his cage and doesn't seem as timid. PLus I think that even though his old cage has aspen bedding-I think it was still a little dusty. Plus he had hurt his leg and he wasn't able to play for a few days. I will post pics of all my ratties and their cage soon. :)
He is still sneezing but his leg is healed. He runs around just like normal and he is finally settling into his new home. Can sneezing result from stress? First he came to my home and then he hurt his leg and now everything is finally back to normal. Does anyone know any home remedy kind of stuff to help him. I'm hoping he'll get better now.

Wish him luck :)
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