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Besides Rats. What are some other types of pets that you have?

We have...

5 Ferrets.

3 Mice

1 Hamster

And 2 Rats

Along with 10 fish.

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3 dogs:
Murdock - redtick hound mix dog. - 1 year old.
Torque - white & bluetick setter/terrier mix dog. - 8 months old.
Xephyr - chocolate labrador bitch. - 5 years old.

7 cats:
Hanukka - seal point bicolour ragdoll tom. - 8 years old.
Cosmus - brown tabby domestic longhair cat. - 1 1/2 years old.
Fuzzbutt - brown tabby domestic longhair cat. - 8 months old.
Reita - gray tabby domestic longhair tom. - 1 1/2 months old.
Kozi - black domestic longhair tom. -1 1/2 months old.
Pumpkin - black & brown tabby domestic longhair cat. - 1 1/2 months old.
Honeybear- brown tabby domestic shorthair cat. - 1 1/2 months old.

2 roosters:
Umbrella - black jersey giant. - 8 months old.
Pistol - silver phoenix. - 8 months old.

1 turtle:
Nemo - alligator snapping turtle male. - 2 years old.

1 snake:
Mirror - red tail boa sunglow cross male. - 3 years old.

1 iguana:
Kyouryuu - green iguana male. - 1 1/2 years old.

2 rats:
Vanilla Sparkle - PEW hairless doe. - 3 months old.
Black Weather - dark gray dumbo buck. - 3 months old.

10 fish: goldfish, koi, plecostomus.

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4 Dogs
Gordon Setter
Chow Mix
Terrier Mix
and a 14 year old blind ShiTzu

3 Flying Squirrels (awsome pets!!!)

A reef aquarium that costs more than any of the above.

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One Doggie, one kat, three ferrets, and my two girlie rats.

I want a hamster or gerbil sometime soon.. I've got all kinds of toys but no cage.

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Let's see, our menagerie includes:

2 cats
Sephiroth and Cait Sith

Two birds
Esse (Estupido) and Fu (Fuzz Ball)

A tank full of fresh water fish

Four rats
Atra, Argent and two as yet unnamed

and on the way:

Two ferrets

One boa constrictor.

Two more tanks of fish

Maybe a betta.

If I don't watch it, I'm going to end up with a partridge in a pear tree. *sigh*

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Current Owner Of:

Freshwater Fish

Previous Owner Of:

Guinea Pigs

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My personal pets are:

1 female Betta (I don't really like fish, but the moving water shadows on my ceiling are very comforting at night)
3 rats(Acid, Meromi, Ed)
2 cats(a female tortoise shell american shorthair named Gussie, and an orange tabby named Honey)

My parents(well, the family) own:

1 dog(a chihuahua/yorkie mix names Paqueno)
1 other fish(a gigantic oscar named Escobar)
1 plecostomus
1 beehive

I know...beehive. My dad mail-ordered the bees a few years ago. x3

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2 rats: Jay and Silent Bob
5 Hermit Crabs: Scratch, Itch, Mr. Claw, Big Red, Seeker
1 Bearded Dragon: Feonix
2 Apple Snails: Gary and ...I haven't named the other one yet, Im still thinking xD

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i have

1 dog (poupette) we didnt name her she was adopted with that name. she is 3.5 yrs old and responds well so watevr:) she is a border collie/lab mix, takes after border

1 cat orange longhaired standard, very awesome he is the best cat (cosmo/fatass)

1 rat, beige and white,(alice pomplemousse...the name is longer than she is:p) with a PEW on the way in a week when she is old enough :)

1 bird, cockateil (angel)

1 hamster(its my brothers, and i dont remember his name...i feel so bad...lets just call him stuart)

8 fish(big fish, cow cheese, dinosaor fishh, snake, and the rest are still un-named)

thats all
well i also have a cat who is black and white at my dads house ( i just call her kitty:))
and a cameleon
thay are great

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14 Zebra Finch birds (yes, 14...it started as 2 a year and a half ago 8O ).
2 Gecko Lizards
1 Angel Fish

These aren't exactly mine (although some of the birds are), but they're all in the same house. It's a zoo. :lol:

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My rat Rocky and my sister has 3 dogs.....May, Christopher, and Zeus. And our room mate has a dog.....Rosie. Oh yea, and the cat......Spaz.

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i personally have:
1 cat: Sesshoumaru-the big brother of my rats
1 betta fish: Squee the 3rd
6 female rats: Spider, Iedani, Kakushi, Tween, Twix and Sweetipie
1 foster rat: Violet

but i live in a house where my mother also has pets. she has:
16 dogs: Geronimo, Simba Poodle, Pepe, Dominque, Jack, Amy, Zoe, Panda, Rita, Shadow, Lady, Xin Wa, Sakura, Boshi, Molly, Simba Simba and whatever puppies she has at the time. obvisously she's a breeder and thankfully its small dogs.
2 cats: Mica and Squeaks
1 really big horse: Captain
3 ponys: Jiggy, Silver and Hobbit
1+ stray barn cats that have called her barn home (we've named a few): Monkey, Garmerle, and Big Tom. Garmerle and Big Tom come and go but Monkey is in the barn everyday.
5 fish
and she boards 3 other horses: Dealer, Firefly and Leroy

what i don't get is that i can remember all the names of her beasts but she can't for my few little rats... *sighs* mothers...

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I have....

2 dogs:
Maxie (stafordshire bull terrier)
Toby (Border collie, golden retriever)
-And a foster dog Nikita (golden retriever...very sweet old girl!)

2 cats
Oreo (black and white DSH)
Sisko (Pale ginger tabby DSH)

And three rats of course! (Dume, Fynn and Gazini!)

I used to have a hamster, but I don't really like them. They bite too much! Rats are much sweeter. :)
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