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Hello all,
I'd like to first mention that I am not looking to sell anything here, I am going to sell locally. However, I really want to make sure I am selling things for a reasonable price and including all the right stuff. Please tell me if anything in here is unsafe for rats!!!
Sadly, my last rat has passed away, and since I am going to college soon, I think that this was my last mischief for awhile. Over the past five or six years, I have been collecting tons of rat stuff and have many toys that can be sanitized and used again by other ratties and I would love to sell everything for about 70 dollars. Does this sound fair?

All the things I have and am planning to sell:

Cage 1: Critter nation, single unit. Slightly corroded on corner pans but otherwise in great shape.
Cage 2: This cage: https://www.petco.com/shop/en/petcostore/product/ware-home-sweet-home-blue-2-story-hamster-cage (don't worry, I only ever used this one for isolation and vet visits!)

Soft things:
Hammocks x4, all decent condition
Fleece lining (handmade but still servicable)

Accessories, bins and hides
Food bowls x8 (2 ceramic, 3 plastic, 1 hanging large, 2 hanging small)
Water bottles x3 (All plastic)
Space pod
Large plastic igloo
Dollar tree bins for hides x8 (Different sizes, some were used for storage)
Food and treat containers x4 (2 plastic and large, 2 glass, small)
Grooming kit (Bag, wire brush, plastic brush, soft brush, nail trimmers, small pet shampoo)

Hanging toys x4 (Pumice chew, hanging boxes, bird toy with cardboard and wood,hanging chew)
Treat tumbler (OXBOW Enriched Life Rolly Teaser Small Animal Toy - Chewy.com)

Does this seem fair? Is there anything you would remove from here? The last thing I want to do is mislead people/give them something that could harm their pet.
Thanks for the help.

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Hi! I recommend checking what other people are selling their used items for. That’s what I do. And I price it around for what other people are buying it for. Or just price it for cheaper than what you bought it for. Goodluck!
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