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What's the best way...

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What's the best way to kill a wild rat? I'd really rather not do it at all, but my sister's cat got a hold of a wild one today and it's very injured. Internally, nothing on the surface. It can't even stand. I have it in a cage outside (old rat cage that I wasn't ever going to use again anyways). It's in the same 'air space' as Betty, since my window is open, but there are rats outside all the time anyways, so I don't think anything bad will happen. I would take it into a vet or call animal control, but it's too late to go out. I doubt it will live until morning, so I suppose I could just leave it to die that way, but any suggestions to make it's passing easier are welcome. :cry:
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In these situations a moral person would realize that to kill them IS the right answer, although it is NOT the easy one.
this is your opinion, which I can respect (in the same way I can respect the beliefs of what the other members have said) but you saying that something IS the right answer is just as closed minded as the others saying it is NEVER acceptable. Can you see how it's a bit hypocritical? Please don't take this as a personal attack, as you are not the only person who is adamant about their opinion. I understand that you feel strongly but it would appear that the others do as well.

I think we need to respect that people on this forum believe different things, and nothing IS OR ISN'T right for EVERYONE. Things can, however, be right or wrong for an individual.

it's a touchy topic, and I hope that we can all agree to disagree rather than argue. I think the owner of this post should take the animal to a vet IF POSSIBLE but if not perhaps someone can offer to give them information for home euth via PM, if that is something they can feel sure about doing, and perform it properly (however that may be) but I don't think it's appropriate to discuss in a public forum.

small edit to be more clear.
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And I agree with you that I worded that part very poorly - I should have made it clear that IN MY PERSONAL VIEWS there are things that ARE RIGHT. Sorry about the wording.
Rattikins that was my point as well. I hope you don't take my comment as a personal attack because I in no way was trying to come down on you but it seems like you were trying to force an opinion on others (sorry for the confusion)

However, since the poor rattie in question has passed I believe that this thread should stop. Maybe all of you can start a friendly discussion in the lounge about personal beliefs :)
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