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What's the best way to kill a wild rat? I'd really rather not do it at all, but my sister's cat got a hold of a wild one today and it's very injured. Internally, nothing on the surface. It can't even stand. I have it in a cage outside (old rat cage that I wasn't ever going to use again anyways). It's in the same 'air space' as Betty, since my window is open, but there are rats outside all the time anyways, so I don't think anything bad will happen. I would take it into a vet or call animal control, but it's too late to go out. I doubt it will live until morning, so I suppose I could just leave it to die that way, but any suggestions to make it's passing easier are welcome. :cry:
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I first like to point out the audience that may be reading this thread, this includes people under age. To tell someone, especially a child that it is acceptable to take a life.....is NOT acceptable!

We have vets for a reason, one of those is to humanely put animals to sleep. NO human being has the right to take a life a way. Is the OP a vet? Does the OP know for a fact this rat is dying? (no offence to the OP as I am sure she/he is correct). There are evets everywhere, take the rat in and let them deal with it in the correct manner that is best for the rat. To late to go out just leads me to believe that perhaps the poster is underage? If this poster is not under aged then there is no excuse not to take this rat to the local emergency vet.

My point is, if grandma is dying, is it ok we hold a pillow over her face? There is NO difference between this rat or grandma. Both are living things and no one has the right to take their life away.
rattikins said:
OdysseyDesign & javakittie:

You are wrong to say that it is NEVER right to take a life. That is ONLY your opinion. :roll:
LMAO do you have any idea how absorb that sounds? Seriously. Its like an open invitation for people to start murdering living things.

Not everyone believes this Judeo-Christian belief and you have no right to say that there are NO instances when a mercy kill would not be moral.
Religion has nothing to do with my beliefs and yes I have the right to say that a person should never take it upon themselves to take away a life.

You HONESTLY believe that it is MORE ethical to allow a creature to suffer slowly to death rather than quickly take away its life and end its torment? That's sick. :x
The situation we are speaking of in this thread, the person deemed it to late to go out. Personally I do not find that an excuse since obviously there are vets located nearby.

You can't even see that you're closed mindedness has huge potential to cause massive harm!
oh? and by you saying that it is ok to take a living things life has no potential to cause harm? Oh look, that poor poor homeless man suffering in the cold. Should we put him out of his misery? The dog tied up in the back yard. It is suffering. Should it be put to sleep?

You both are clearly very young or uneducated
and you are clearly full of it. To try to justify your ignorance on our being young and uneducated (btw, I am 32 and very well educated)

if you cannot see that there WOULD be instances in which this is THE ONLY OPTION!! You need to read a book and broaden your horizons to realize that there have been plenty of philosophical arguments that would very much condone this as the most ethical thing to do.
BOOKS!! I love books...... I am currently reading, A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini. What book are you reading?

...What if it's 3 am and you live in a town of 600 people where the vet is 7 hours away. THAT 7 HOURS IS TOO LONG TO LEAVE AN ANIMAL SUFFERING!! If it is going to die, and you have no other option, then a mercy kill is the right choice.

...What if you are on a boat out at sea and find an injured animal? Where's the vet now?

...What if you're in the middle of the desert?

The "what ifs" go on forever.
you do know you are grasping at straws right?

Your example of your grandmother is completely irrelevant and inappropriate. And interestingly you say that only a vet can take a life but then say that no one has that right.... wow.... :roll:
That’s how I feel. I do not think anyone has the right to take a life away. As the intelligent beings we have taken it upon ourselves to deem vets as the educated degreed licensed group of people to humanely put animals to sleep.


In these situations a moral person would realize that to kill them IS the right answer, although it is NOT the easy one.
so it is morally correct to kill things?

In my opinion, you both think too narrowly. :roll:
I have one as well but I think I will keep it to myself :)
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