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What's the best way...

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What's the best way to kill a wild rat? I'd really rather not do it at all, but my sister's cat got a hold of a wild one today and it's very injured. Internally, nothing on the surface. It can't even stand. I have it in a cage outside (old rat cage that I wasn't ever going to use again anyways). It's in the same 'air space' as Betty, since my window is open, but there are rats outside all the time anyways, so I don't think anything bad will happen. I would take it into a vet or call animal control, but it's too late to go out. I doubt it will live until morning, so I suppose I could just leave it to die that way, but any suggestions to make it's passing easier are welcome. :cry:
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I'm SOOOO sorry it took so long to get back on. My life has been really hectic the last few days; my mom's horse coliced and died, a cat of ours died this morning from old age, I'm sick, and an elderly relative ended up in the hospital, all on top of starting college again.

The rat died about an hour after I posted, I knew there was no hope for it's surviving, and I couldn't take the poor thing to an e-vet since I cannot drive and my parents couldn't help me at the time. There was something else wrong with it, as it was rather skinny. I just wanted to know an ethical way to end it's suffering on my own, and would like to know for future references.

Rattkins, I did not get your PM, if you would please send it to me again I would be very grateful as I can imagine this will happen again at some point. I understand people not wanting to end an animals life, but I have no problem doing so if I must in order to end it's suffering.

Could you please lock this thread?

I feel very strongly that mercy killing is right in certain circumstances, and I felt that I stated it that way. THEN some other posters have come here and ATTACKED the very essence of what I was trying to say in a helpful manner to the original poster, and now they have turned this into NOTHING helpful and ONLY arguments about life and death which could go on FOREVER.

This is simply turning into a thread war, and is not going to help anyone.

I have PMed the OP, as this is the only helpful and appropriate thing to do.

While I could go on and on and on with these two about why I feel the way I do, I don't want to do that here and don't think they will ever see the way I do, so this is just pointless.

I now would like to respectfully do the thing that is best for everyone else on the forum (however much I personally would like to continue this debate) and ask the moderators to lock the thread for the aforementioned reasons.

Thank you.
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Edit: Not worth it, never mind. :)
Kimmiekins, Buddhism is not a religion... it's a way of life.

And the original poster said THEY COULD NOT GET TO A VET.

THEREFORE we needed to move on and help how we could, the vet is NOT AN OPTION...

We could tell them until we were blue in the face that they should take them to a vet, but they said they were not going to... therefore we had to move forward and give what advice we had left open to us.

In my opinion, that was telling her that I believe that a mercy kill is the best option LEFT.

And I agree with you that I worded that part very poorly - I should have made it clear that IN MY PERSONAL VIEWS there are things that ARE RIGHT. Sorry about the wording. :?
This isn't the place to argue about my faith - But actually, Buddhism is a GOD-LESS religion, the only one of it's kind. I've been a practicing Buddhist for years now, I'm pretty sure I know what it is. :)

Anyhow, I edited my message. :p
Kimmie, yes you are right, you can use the word religion to describe it I suppose. :)

I don't like to however, because as you know it's so different from what people often ascribe to religion in general :)
I can respect that. :) But it's accepted as both a religion and a philosophy. It's unique as a religion, for sure.
And I agree with you that I worded that part very poorly - I should have made it clear that IN MY PERSONAL VIEWS there are things that ARE RIGHT. Sorry about the wording.
Rattikins that was my point as well. I hope you don't take my comment as a personal attack because I in no way was trying to come down on you but it seems like you were trying to force an opinion on others (sorry for the confusion)

However, since the poor rattie in question has passed I believe that this thread should stop. Maybe all of you can start a friendly discussion in the lounge about personal beliefs :)
I think this thread has gone a little away from the original subject matter, and as the rat has now died, at the request of several members, I'm going to lock it.
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