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Wheatley the sleepy.

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By far one of the most chill rats I have ever had, Wheatley spent much of his time napping in hammocks. Never really seemed interested in toys. He was all about snoozing, all the time.

He started acting funny one evening and I became worried and asked for advice here while I waited for someone to come home to take us to the vet. Unfortunately he couldn't wait that long, and passed while sleeping in my lap.

He lived a good life, though a fairly short one with me. I adopted him from the local animal shelter when he was already a year old, and I had him and his brother for about a year. When they first came to me they were so fearful of people and new things. I remember putting him in a hammock for the first time and him being so scared about how unstable the floor was. I think it's safe to say he got over that! Poor Simon is my only male rat now, and I know he misses his brother a lot. I do too.
Rat Degu Gerbil Muridae Muroidea

I wish you all of the hammocks, peanuts, cuddles and scritches little guy. <3
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He looks adorable =o Sorry for your loss
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