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I am sorry if this is obvious but I can't seem to find a straight answer. Can someone help me find out what i need for a complete diet? I would prefure it in list form please. Right now all my three ritty rats are getting is this

Oxbow adult rat formula
sunflower seeds as treats
a slice of apple every so often

Should I add veggies? what kind would be the best? An example of how I would like you to reply is like this

Oxbow 1 cup every day
certain veggie blank a week
certain fruit blank a week

Sorry if I am being a bit picky I just get lost in long replies ; n ;

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Unfortunately good rat diet isn't as simple as that (when is anything lol) it's all about being able to read your rats condition which is something which comes with time and ideally a good mentor who can physically show you rats that look and feel right.

In terms of veg the right amount varies, it depends on diet and other factors, for my group of I give it much more often than twice a week they drop coat condition. Mine are fed on a well balanced home made mix I tailor to there needs at the time.

What I can say is the right type of veg is actually a variety. A good rule of thumb is to aim for;
50% dark green leafy veg like kale, dandelion, pak Chou etc
20% colourful veg like carrots, tomatoes and sweet peppers
10% pulses like peas, green beans etc (not dried beans ever)
10% other veg like broccoli, cauliflower and corgette
5% fruit, particularly berries, avoid mango and citrus for males only

The right amount is down to trial and error, don't feed too much at once, perhaps a heaped teaspoon per rat, you can build up to around 50% of there diet though again mine lost condition on this amount

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Everyone feeds according to their own rules. There is no one size fits all diet.

I give mine:
Free feed Harlan lab blocks
1/2 tsp fruit twice daily
1/2 tsp veg twice daily
small amount of insectivore diet twice daily
things like chocolate chips, corn chips, potato chips or other snack foods no more than once a week.
Treats like Cheerios, Gerber Graduates Puffs, etc. up to 4 daily during free range time.

The fruits are anything I am eating or I have frozen cherries, berries, peaches and bananas for when I am not eating fruit at that time.
The veges are anything I am eating or I have frozen squash, yams, sweet potatoes, carrots, mixed veges, broccoli, or whatever catches my fancy when I am shopping.
They only get insectivore diet because I have a Brazilian Short-tailed Opossum that eats it.

They can eat almost everything you can eat, but fatty foods, proteins, sugars should be restricted to small amounts. Onions should be cooked.
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