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I recently rat proofed me and my boyfriend's bathroom.
I double checked to make sure they couldn't squeeze through any holes, made sure there wasn't anything on the floor that they could eat that could harm them, put towels underneath the door to make sure they don't escape.
Everything was going great and then I put the laundry baskets in the bathtub and let the rats go free.
I turned my back for just a second playing with my rat and watching her crawl through the tubes that I put in there for entertainment.
THEN! I noticed my other rat was missing!
I freaked out because my boyfriend and I own a husky and she's naughty about the rats. -.-;
Then, I heard a scratching sound underneath out sink.
There was the tiniest crack, and sure enough, out poked her head. :/

I layed there for over an hour before telling my boyfriend, he got a screwdriver to pry off the boards and there she was, just relaxing. Oi!

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