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Jazmyne and Sophie- PetLand (Jazmyne has bad resp. issues and two tumors currently. A third was removed last fall.. Sophie's health has been nearly spotless, but she has porphorin around her eyes quite often)

Masq- a fancy rat accidently put in a feeder shipment to a local petstore. Her less pretty counter parts were voted feeders. She wasn't supposed to be. No health issues at all. (On Hold, but will possibly be up for adoption eventually)

Meara- product of a fancy rat and a feeder female. Part of a rescue litter we took in because her mother wasn't lactating enough. She was born July 2nd, 2006. No health issues to date. (Will be up for adoption with Masq)

Cinder- Meara's foster sister. She was raised with her. She was 1 of two remaining from Meara's surogate mom's litter. Born approximately June 30th, but we say July 2nd. No health issues to date. (Will be up for adoption with Masq)

Dobbie- part of a breeder dump at a reptile rescue/pet store once the local petstores who sold them as pets were full. We had to nurse him for a bit because he was too young to be without his mom. He's our first dumbo boy. No health issues to date.

Jukka- a rescue who will be going to his new home this week, now that Dobbie has new friends. He is the son of a surrendered pet rat at a petstore. A friend, who got him for us, was told her owners didn't want to keep her because she got in their boys' cage and was pregnant. We arrived too late to save his mother and siblings. No health issues to date, but he does have behavioral issues. He doesn't get along as well with other rats.

Mab- a rescue from OH. She was originally bought at PetsMart. She has resp. issues and porphorin around her eyes. We almost lost her once to suspected pnuemonia or stroke. The vet couldn't find anything.

Athme and Niobe- two pedigreed girls from a breeders final litter. He moved from the Pyramid lake area in Nevada to southern KY. They are very beautiful dumbo girls. No health issues to date.

Drizzt and Streaker- two boys from a supposed oops litter. They appear to be different ages. We suspect they are part of a foiled attempt at breeding. We got them so Dobbie could have friendly cagemates who would play and snuggle, since Jukka won't.

I could go through all of our rescues too, but a list of 50 or so would be a little lengthy.

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Mulligan - from a (now retired) breeder, Zephyr Rats
Fitzherbert - see above
Widdershins - from a local rescue (Huron Valley Rat Rescue/HVRR)
Nigel - HVRR
Periwinkle - HVRR
Witch Hazel - HVRR
Dwarfie - from a breeder, RatLandia Rattery
Russia - from an oops! litter up in Canada
Fergie - HVRR
Emma - HVRR
Squeebottoms - from a breeder, FarStar Rattery
Polka - see above
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