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Which are better pets?

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Do male rats make better pets than female rats???? Also do rats have the habit to bite, and would you recommend buying a rat from the pet store or a breeder. thanks :D
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Hi. I think its down to personnal preference and most people will tell you theres.

For me I only get females, my reason being there smaller and neater looking and IMO dont smell as much from marking lol. Male rats get to big for my liking and there testicles put me off as there huge and ugly looking lol. Saying that the males are more dosile apparently and like to veg out with you where as the females are supposed to be more alert and skittish. Now my females as babys have been skittish but as the handling period goes on they have always been calm and snuggled with me.

Ive never known yet a rat to bite. Infact thats why we strated with rats. We didnt get on with hamsters as they bite all the time. Rats are very friendly and love attention and through my experience we have never been bitten. My old girl if she was cross with me lol would hold my hand in a biting position but never put pressur on so she wasnt biting, then she would drag my hand. It was real sweet, her way of saying she is cross with me. Normaly if I got a home a little later than usual and her time out was late lol.

Again its personnal choice. Some peopledont mind both and have 2 set ups, 1 of males and 1 of females.

Good luck with your choice.
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Hi, I feed mine rat food and rat nuggets mixed. I also give them plenty of fresh veg and fruit, also plain cooked pasta, boiled egg, natural yoghurt, crackers, cereal, plain biscuits and tons of other stuff. I do get mine mainley from a store but only reputable ones who know all about rats and have off reputable breeders. My 3 new girls im waiting upon are coming straight from a breeder (cant wait to get them) Infact I came across them on a rescue forum, an unexpected litter. They have a whole litter to rehome so Ive chose 3 girls, but if some more of the girls still need homes on the day I might take more (9 all in all) lol. Ive been to visit and they are very well cared for.
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