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Do you have rats that are just vocal for no reason? Spork SCREAMS like he's being attacked all the time.....I even put him by himself for a few days and he just did it while he was sitting there looking at me! Maybe it's just his voice. Vet said he's healthy, though his eyesight isn't as good as it could be.

Any ideas?
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Aaah! I've had rats that have gone through *ridiculous* squeaking phases, for no apparent reason. I think some rats realize that squeaking makes other rats and people leave them alone a little more, so they keep doing it until everyone starts ignoring the squeaking, and then they stop.

One of my rats likes to crawl in my sleeve and squeak bloody murder, as if someone's attacking her. Repeatedly. You'd think she'd learn that a) she shouldn't keep doing it, if she doesn't like it; and b) squeaking doesn't do anything. Silly animal.
Sky14 said:
I haven't had any ratsys like that and I don't think I would want one like that. 8O
It's not like you get much of a choice when they randomly turn into whiners. ;)

And they do seem to come out of it.

It can also be rather amusing - I took Mister G to a meeting of a social group I'm in, and he kept everyone entertained by happily curling up on my lap and squeaking randomly the entire time.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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