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Will a breeder know if a rat is a heavy marker?

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Hi all, I’m new here :). I am considering purchasing rats and am trying to get my parents on board. They are mostly okay with the idea but are worried about the rats marking on the carpet or on me. I was wondering if breeders will be able to know which of their rats are heavy markers or if it will still be too early in their development to tell. Personally, I don’t love that rats mark but I know that it’s just an instinct and am willing to live with it.
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Nope. There is no way to know who will mark and who won't, or how much. It's pretty much a gamble lol. A neutered male will mark less, and some girls just piddle little trails, and during free roam you'll feel the warm dribble on your arm lol. Just dab it with a tissue. I also put an old sheet down to protect carpet or furniture.
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