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Wolfy Says. (Now Featuring Sphinx)

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my newest addition wants to say hi, but being a little almost 3 week old baby boy, he isnt heavy enough to type, so he's whispering in my ear and im typing what he says starting with the next paragraph.

*sniff sniffs* Oh Hello (thats what is said instead of sniffing butts and licking eyeballs, right?), i'm Wolf, but they call me other things. i'm an all alone little boy. they all left me a few days ago (my rat mum and my 3 brothers). i dont know where they went, the lady took them away. mummy sam says she was their 'owner', even if sam was the one taking care of all of us before they left. i have curly whiskers, she says that means im a Rex. my fur isnt curly as much as it is thicker and softer than Everyone Else's i was told that my eyes are Ruby Colored, and my fur is White. there are no spots or anything on me, but mum says i have the Cutest Little Nose. i like to eat the Crunchies out of the food that everyone was eating before they left. mum says i cant have all of whats in it, cuz its Bad. she says that she's gonna pick up some Lab Blocks later today or next time she's Off From Work. i dont know what they are, but they sound yummy. she shared some Chicken from her lunch with us all. oh yeah, i have 2 rat brothers, i cant play with them yet cuz mum says im Too Little still. but i can smell them, and they smell nice. i also have an uncle Hamster, he is only a bit Bigger than me, and he has no tail. mum says its ok, he isnt supposed to have a tail. theres also a big Bird named Amadeus, he likes to laugh at us when we are in our rooms. mum gives me something called Formula when i wake up, she wants me to drink it when she puts it down, but i dont want to. At First she wouldn't leave it in all day, and i only got a little, but Now she leaves it in so i can have it when i want. she makes me "Baby Oatsee Meal" too. its ok, but i like my Crunchies best. i like when mum picks me up, then i can Snuggle in 'My Hair' and clean out 'My Ears'. my favorite is 'My mouth', sometimes it has nummy tastes nd sometimes it just tastes like mum. she thinks its cute when i be me. she calls me a Good Boy when i do Peeps or Raisins in The Corner, and not in The Middle like my brothers used to. *YAWN* i think its time to Take A Nap now, im still a Little Boy and cant be Awake all the time. snuggles and sniffs for now. "I'll Be Back Later Ok, I Wuv You" (thats what mum says when she Goes Away)- Wolfy
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Re: Rats Talk: a place for rats to talk to each other/us

Aawwww that's cute! =^.^=
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