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Would you buy this?

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Okay well i finally found the cage i want but there are only 3 left as far as i know...until i discovered another similar from another seller so i'm looking for opinions as to should i wait or buy this other cage??

They are both 94 x 148 x 60 :D so each will hold my 14 ratties

_The First Cage_

_The Similar_
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Seems like the first one would be better because there are move levels included an the seller also offers more that you can buy to fit the cage. You'd have to use fabric bedding with both though as there is no pan to hold substrate. They are really nice cages though!!!
first cage

second cage

The underscore was allowing the link to wrap around, so you have to C&P both parts to use the link. Now people can just click. :)
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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