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So hiya! I've been missing for about 6 months and my God that feels far too long.
Just thought I would update everyone on my goings on :)

Unfortunately Rupert, Arthur, Benjamin, Jerry, Rex & Slinky had to be rehomed after my Landlord had (well a massive bitch fit) a problem with "rodents".. But hamsters etc are okay apparently... I rehomed them with a local rescue who has kept some themselves as personal keepers and some have been rehomed to a lady very local to me :)
I'm currently in the midst of fighting it out with my Landlord for the right to keep rats considering my other babies cause more damage than any of the rats any did (by damage I mean, the cats have scratched the doors!).

After the heartbreak of giving them up, I have the joy of adding a new member to the family. Frank, the 3/4 Pug 1/4 poodle baby boy. He's now 6 months old and an absolute devil.

Unfortunately in February my heart cat, Sanka, become gravely ill and had to be put to sleep at the young age of 2 years old :( I've never felt so lost in my life but what hurt me more was that his brother, Noel, was now incredibly lost without his buddy. After a month of trying to force Noel to eat and generally move off the bed, we added Shadow, a 4 month old Tabby Torte girl who loves nothing more than to CONSTANTLY terrorise us and the other animals!!!

In between all of that an the beginning of May all was quiet until we agreed to let my friend and her 2 year old Chihuahua male stay with us until she found somewhere. She found a house eventually and moved out but left Frank feeling very, VERY lonely and his behaviour was taking a turn for the worse.
We took it upon ourselves to stop his loneliness and brought home a now 11 WK old Chihuahua/Bichon Frise girl called Poppy May. She is a walking cloud of happiness and has completed our house in matters of LARGER animals.

My heart still aches for the love of the rats that I had to let go and I'm determined to change the landlords minds then home a couple of shelter rats from the lovely lady who helped me out in my time of great need.

I've attached a couple of pictures of my menagerie for you all :)

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