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When we first got our two rats the male was really skittish and would run and hide from us when we tried to get him out. i have taken him out every day for the past three weeks and finally yesterday he crawled onto my shoulder on his own and played with my hair for a few minutes before running behind the pillow on our bed. and right now I have him with me and he's just sitting on my shoulder licking the back of my ear and chattering happily; this is the longest time he has spent with me, usually when he's out he's hiding. He still gets skittish from time to time, but it seems he's really starting to warm up to me! It makes me so happy, makes me feel like I'm doing a good job and he trusts me!
I just wish he wouldn't try climbing down my shirt, because his little feet tickle my stomach as he climbs down! lol

I am just really happy about his progress since the female was so friendly and I was afraid he wouldn't be.
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