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Yeah, I'm done making excuses. *cuteness warning*

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So I've been a bad bad girl. I know better than to get petstore rats, and I'm usualy strong. But you know what, you look at these faces and tell me you could resist!

This is Maddie, a black capped bareback dumbo with a blaze

And this is her unnamed sister. Any suggestions? She's a(n?) opposum faced american blue bareback with odd-eyes (right eye is ruby, left is black)

I've had Maddie a little longer than the unnamed girl (who I just picked up today). I actually didn't plan on picking up her sister, but that little face is all I've been able to think about so... The rest is obvious XD.
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[align=center]I think the un-named one looks like a Sammy, Megan, Meg, Star, or Cream.[/align]
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