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Ok so i finaly got sleeping and yawning pics!!!!!! you have no clue how long i sat in one place not moving to get these pics.. er.. the sleeping ones at least :D ((every time my ratties se me they wanna come out of there cage))... sorry the pics are so big.. idk how to resize them...

ok heres the award winning Yawn!!....

And sleepy pics!!!!!

Heres TempleTon tryin to sleep..

And Alyssa sleepins...

And heres several more...

And heres the great!!................ SLEEPY VIDEO!!!!!!!!!...

TaDa!!!!!! im so excited!!!!! :D :D

I also figured id share with you the "Nose Peaker" pic (its TempleTons nose)....
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yea.. idk how to resize them or i would.
umm well there cages are abouy 2-3 inches apart.. now i know that doesnt sound like much but it used to be were they were less than an inch apart but Alyssa would grab TempleTon through the bars so i moved them apart a couple inches.. i sumtimes find Alyssa trying to grab TempleTon through the bars but she cant reach him.

I did the whole "move-the-cage" deal but Alyssa would get really iritated and instead of playing with me shed run strait to TempleTons cage... but when there cages are next to eachother shes fine and plays with me when she outside hte cage.

Oh and im not saying she cant get prego through the cage but in this case if she was able to shed be prego already... they cant reach eachother between cages. and ive only had one rat exscape from its cage and he exscaped from the quarentine cage... ive never had a rat get loose ((from its permanant cage)).
As i seid before..im ganna try and get TempleTon fixed either that or get the same sex friends i just cant do anything till i move!

i would have gotten them same sex friends my now but itll only make the move harder on me... you try driving 9+ hours with 1 dog, 3 cats, a bird and what would be 4 rats if i were to buy them friends right now... im shure they can wait a couple weeks.

When i get to the new place im getting new larger cages, and either TempleTon fixed or same sex friends for the both of them.. but as im sure you dont know.. this all takes time.
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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