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You People Have Some Nerve

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People come to websites like this seeking help. and you jump on them because something aweful has happened out of their control. Like a femlae getting in with a male and getting preggo. It happens, yes, its bad, but why not take the exsperance and learn from it? instead of you people jumping all over the person, why not try and HELP them, let them know to feed the "soon to be mother" some good quality foods, make sure she has extra lovins and tons of nesting matirals? no, you would rather point fingers, tell the person about all the bad she/he is doing for the world. maybe they dont have the money to get an espay? i know here it cost almost 600$ for an espay! i dont knwo about any of you, but i do not have 600$ just laying around! And as far as her/him giving them to a petstore they they TRUST - dont you think thats their decission? couldnt you help them out by posting on your other rat fourms about possable babys needing adoption in that area instead of just accussing this person of being WRONG?! who knows what petstore it is, maybe its a little mom n pop petstore and it really does only sell for pets?1 yes, i know there are bad things happening to rats all around, and i feel for them, but something unfortanitly we just cant help. all we can do is donate when possable, foster when best, and love often. you all should feel ashamed of yourself for attacking someone who didnt do this on purpose. this is why i dont post on this fourm very offten, because most of you are not very nice or even helpful. you are all stuck up snobs. good day.
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I think saying "you are all stuck up snobs" is a bit presumptuous, because there are many of us who give information without being rude. However, I often read threads and see a comment someone has posted that's excessively harsh and rude. I want to smack those people over the head, because I dealt with the same type of situation when I came to the rat forums.

I thought I had an accidental pregnancy (this was on goosemoose), as the result of my boyfriend convincing me that they weren't fertile until much older than 5 wks and sticking my baby girl in the boy's cage (where she was humped by her father). I was actually accused of *wanting* her to be pregnant by another member, and I got many, many horrible comments about how irresponsible I was for believing someone who had owned rats for years, etc. I actually left the community for a while, because I was so offended. I'm on a lot of other message boards for art, and I've never encountered a community that can be as rude and downright mean at times. In fact, the art boards have unbelievably nice, generous people who have sent me gifts for no apparent reason, and are willing to bend over backwards to help you out. Talk about a serious contrast!

So yeah, there are some big @$$holes. But there are a lot of us who are not. Basically, you just have to ignore them and get used to the fact that some people appear to get off on glorifying their know-it-all nature and playing holier-than-thou.
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I didn't really have much against backyard breeders until I came in contact with a pedigree rat. All of mine were previously from pet stores or are BYB from pet-store stock, and are *totally* inferior animals in comparison to the well-bred rats.

The well-bred ones generally have nicer fur, stronger, healthier builds, great dispositions, are less prone to cancer, myco, etc. because they have specifically been bred for countless generations to be awesome animals.

You just can't start with pet store stock and come up with animals like that. Sure, you can breed some cute little animals that might make good pets. But the pedigree rat is usually far superior.
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