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Your opinions?

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So what is your opinion on people who have rats of known HEALTHY lineage and breed them? Just a question. Just curious about all your answers.

I've just noticed alot of "hating" toward people who have bred their rats. Just to clarify, I am definitely not talking about anyone who intentionally has bred their PET STORE rats. I'm talking about people who know their rats backrounds for generations.
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I just wanted to add that I don't think anyone should breed......professional, responsible, or amature if there is a local rescue or shelter that has ratties waiting to be adopted.

People won't adopt from a rescue when they can get a "cute" or "cool" marking from a breeder, and that leaves many animals without a proper home!

I think if you want to breed and do it right you should find any rescues located near you and only breed when no other animals are available for adoption.

I also feel if people really want ratties it shouldn't matter too much what color they are!

this is only my opinion though :)

On a side note:
I've seen several new members say they were afraid of getting flamed (in one way or another) that makes me sad.......I don't think anyone should be afriad to post because of backlash..........I still think most of the members are very kind/helpful people, so in the very least don't be afraid to post because I think everyone is capable of adult conversations............btw the proper adult age is 12 so no excuses ;)

ok i'm tired and rambling
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i think there are a lot of members here who have little to no tolerance, honestly.
hmmm...I'm not sure I've seen a member jump on anyone right off the bat about anything. To me it seems like people gather information before they bring out the "heat." I think what happens more often is one of two things get members really upset, and in turn, they become jaded. I think it's more likely that a member will be "flamed" for something small when it's "the last straw." It's times like that we can all step back and cool down but there are people who are infuriating and should be lectured. I dunno........... thinks are bound to heat up when you have so many passionate people on one forum but........

1. "Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion"
2. It keeps things interesting and people on their toes
3. It's only the internet! :)

I'd encourage anyone who's interested in breeding down the line to foster pregnant moms and litters for a local rescue or shelter, to see what having babies and raising them is like. It's not all fun and games - I can tell you that from LOTS of experience!
I think that is a wise use of a persons time. :)
....There are very good reasons to be anrgy with some people here, and its never EVER caused for no reason at all...
that's what I was trying to say. Like I said, I've never seen a person ask a question and have a ton of people yell at them without getting the facts first. Mostly I've seen difference of opinion where two people feel very strongly about their side; however, those have usually concluded in a mature way adopting the agree to disagree route.

I caught a few threads when a person was yelled at but I know if I go back and read them every member was helpful and polite at first until the person does things like forum hop, ignore advice, and any number of infuriating things that I've seen people do. The funny thing is I don't think i'd notice a double post myself because there are so many members, so it's nice to know people are looking out for irresponsible owners............

I do feel, on one hand if a person joins it shows responsibility because I know there are plenty of owners who just buy rats, believe what they are told at a pet store, and have a good 1 year run with their "pets."

but, on the other hand, what is the point of joing a forum if a person is unwilling to take advise!!!

soooooooo anyhoo if I was misunderstood (it was very tired and unfocused last night when I typed it) I DON'T believe people have been "flamed" wrongfully, and if they have I have no doubt apologies were made and all was right with the world again. I think if it appears that a member has no tolerance they were just having a bad day from a pile of ignorance served on a chipped platter, rather several. I DON'T think any of the frequently posting members have little to no tolerance, they seem kind and helpful, and often times willing to hold their tongue, so a rat gets helped!!

I know this is getting long but I would like to add this

If you are willing to admit you're wrong when you make a mistake, and you are willing to take advice because you are a responsible and loving care giver for your animal then you have NOTHING to fear. We are all hear to share our love of ratties and help and educate new members. I personally would like to return the favor because I have benefitted tremendously from joining this forum :)
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