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Hi everyone :)

Some of you may remember me from when my rat Arnold was on his was to the rainbow bridge and I was posting topics for help. Well, I have spoken to a lot of you to help me with the introductions of my elder Marley and 2 new babies. Please see the below photo's of the 2 new babies and my marley!!! I have just gotten 2 Dumbo's today! They're so cute! I have a blue dumbo named Dumbo (original!) and a black/brown dumbo named Oscar! :)

Rat Hamster Mouse Muridae Muroidea

Vertebrate Rat Mammal Gerbil Muridae

Rodent Rat Muridae Cat Fawn

Rat Canidae Muridae Dog breed Fawn

I'm so proud of Marley :)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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