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I don't know if I understood the three post rule correctly, but it said title the post with the issue and go from there, so I am.

Zeta one of our first two rats we brought home. He's very fun and adventurous. We like to think of him like a little punk rock soldier, because when he came home the first time, he immediately began digging trenches and scout areas (although later we discovered we were putting too much bedding in the cage, so...).

My little boy is having seizures and been having them for a while now. I want to say since January. We only started documenting recently because they were so infrequent we didn't know what they were. The first time he had one was in the midst of a bath. He is hydrophobic, and while we made it through the bath, he started twitching, jolting his arms up and down rapidly, head in the air. At one point, he bit my nose, which to be fair, I was the one bathing him. His dad calmed him down, and everything was fine. The next seizure spanned between February through April, totally infrequent and due to a bath. Then it started occuring without a bath involved. He has a tendency to escape and run about, which isnt terrible, but we are worry warts so we tend to pick him up and put him on the sofa or back on the carpet and let him go about. This time when I picked him up (he tends to squeak and fight, no matter how loosely you hold him) he squeaked once and started seizing. Again dad calmed him down, but he was limp for a good 3 minutes and then moved about slowly, getting back his energy after an hour.

After that, they just kept happening and the calming became less and less effective. He'd escape, we'd pick him up, and then after two minutes of being on our shoulder, he'd seize. His last one was crazy huge. I was walking him up the stairs (not pressuring him, just walking with him) and forgot to close the door upstairs. He entered a room and I'd pick him up and close the door. well, he got on my shoulder and started to seize. it lasted for about a minute and a half to two minutes. afterwards he was totally limp and would not even hold his treat to eat it (I held it for him). His recoop time was about an hour. That was two days ago. His dad is away on business right now, so its just me. This morning I noticed he was walking a little slowly, and though I know he is probably just about to go to sleep (they sleep during the day time because we work then), I started to cry because I worried he might of seized in the night while I was asleep.

The doctor says its epilepsy, and that we need to record the frequency before she can prescribe anything. I cant help but notice that this occurs whenever he is on MY shoulder, which irrationally has lead me to believe maybe its something to do with me (my shampoo? my body wash? just dust in general?). He doesnt sneeze often, infact, his brother Akiba sneezes more than he does. He drinks alot of water, and gets alot of magnesium daily, as their treats are various nuts and fruits. I don't know what to do. Is this definitely epilepsy? Could he be allergic to me? Is there anything else it could be? Please help, and advise. I'm so worried about my Zetabug that I'm losing it.

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