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Some of you may remember the lovely Zinsa, who came to me suspected pregnant after being left in a cardboard box overnight outside a lady i knows small animal charity. Well, the 9 babies she had, are now 8 weeks old!

They're doing really well, constantly play fighting and always trying to get out to play. (The mum Zinsa is the main culprit!)
The 5 girls all now live in a big cage with Mum, Brandy and Dolly. Dolly is our oldest girl, She's got a new lease of life with these girls joining them and keeps them all in check!

Two of the 4 boys, (Heisenberg and Gustavo) went off to live with my boyfriend, so i will see them regularly! - The other two boys (Hank and Heisenberg) are living together while we slowly try and introduce them with my older boys. One of my boys has a dominance induced type of epilepsy so understandably we are trying to tread carefully with him. We obviously want to aim to get them all happy together but it won't matter if they can't live together, the two younguns are very happy play fighting with each other!

Mum Zinsa is doing really well. She continued to feed them until 5 and a half weeks... we thought the younguns were just milking it by that age! (No pun intended ;) )

So on to pics! - They're all incredibly good looking, with impressive ears!

Skyler, the only Black Berkshire in the 9 doing her "I'm too cute even for Disney!" face.

Crystal, She's very sweet, and innocent.. the other girls are a bit more boisterous.

Vamanos, Look at those ears!!

So good, they she gets two pics!

Marie, the darkest of all my agouti cuties.

Little Holly, <3

The face of Hermanos, the bum of Hank (again, look at those ears!!)

The face of Hank, the winky face of Hermanos - (again with a disney face!)

Lastly, an updated photo of this cute one of Skyler and Zinsa


and now!

So, to whomever dumped this amazing Rat and her amazing babies, - I bet you'd kicking yourself if you saw these!
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